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Treating Sciatica Correctly

When you feel sciatica for the first time, it can be frightening. You may feel numb and in pain, wondering what's wrong. Sciatica is a symptom. It's not a diagnosis. The key to treating sciatica is finding the root cause.

Although pain relief can be helpful, it won't solve the problem. Finding the root cause of your pain, the underlying issue, is the key to lasting relief.

What is sciatica?

The longest nerve in your body is the sciatic nerve. It runs from your lower back branching down each side to your feet. Sciatica is a condition where the nerve becomes compressed. It can cause sharp pains, numbness/tingling and pain that may become worse when you try to sit down. It may make it difficult to walk or even stand. There may also be lower back pain. If your symptoms are severe, it can make everyday activities more difficult. It is possible that sciatica may be intermittent or a constant pain.

Sciatica can be caused by many things. Most commonly, they are related to lower back problems. As a chiropractor I can help diagnose and treat sciatica. This non-drug approach can help ensure that things align correctly and there is less pressure on the nerves. Contact us at or call us at 801-590-8615 if you are experiencing any sciatica symptoms.

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