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Reviews & Testimonials — Mecham Chiropractic

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You can read some reviews here, below or on Facebook, Google or Yelp. Read the reviews and/or take time to review Dr. Cody and our services at Mecham Chiropractic by clicking the links.

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Patient Testimonials

I don't make statements like this lightly. Dr Cody LITERALLY saved my life! I was struggling with horrific lower disc pain. When the disc would push on the nerves to my legs, they would completely lose feel and control. It was terrifying! Dr Cody put my arms around his neck like a soldier and carried me into the office. Within several visits, I was improving dramatically and I am literally back to 100% WITH NO SURGERY needed. THAT my friends is an amazing doctor! Thanks, Dr. C! :)
-Jim and Marti — Riverton, UT

Dr. Cody Mecham is awesome! He treats everyone in my family. When we haven't gone for a while my kids will say, I need to see Cody. Our bodies take a beating every day, even if you don't realize it (Sitting all day, slouching at our desks, car accident; you name it.) Dr. Cody readjusts your spine to reverses those things that cause those aches and pains.
  Cottonwood Heights, UT Resident

Cody is the man!!!! He is awesome at his job, go see him you won't be disappointed.   Sandy, UT Resident

I absolutely love Dr. Cody and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him! He is energetic, knowledgeable, friendly, personable and reasonably priced; not to mention his hours are great! He charges $15 for an adjustment on my infant and I fully trust his care and experience, no questions asked.

Dr Mecham came highly recommended by my midwife and my massage therapist (over at SLC Prenatal Massage; they are the BEST, go check them out!!). My first visit with him, I was thoroughly impressed by his expertise and he knew my older sons misalignment just by looking at him (which I already knew were issues and forgot to write on the paperwork)! We have made immense progress with both of my children since starting under his care.

Michelle S — Sandy, UT

Dr. Cody Mecham provides the finest spinal chiropractic care available. If you search chiropractor near me, he will show up. To receive spinal cord chiropractic search Mecham Chiro. Should you be in an accident and need auto injury treatment or accident chiropractic contact Mecham Chiro. Want slipped disc chiropractic or concussion treatment find the best treatment at Mecham Chiro. Mecham Chiro provides auto injury care as a car accident injury clinic.

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