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A Better Way to Treat Sciatica

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

As we age, disc herniation can become more common, but they aren't usually painful. Nonetheless, if they are, research has found that spinal adjustments provided over 60% more relief than spinal injections for herniated patients.

Relieving sciatica pain can be reduced by spinal adjustments along with stretching and exercise since they reduce pinching on the spinal nerves.

A person may have a number of spinal disc problems that perhaps aren't causing pain. However, if someone experiences a sharp shock of pain it may indicate that the lower back nerve is pinched. Additionally, it may appear that surgery is the only option to removing a herniated or bulging disc, but that's just not true.

Many people suffering from disc problems and sciatica will be able to get relief with chiropractic care. Mecham Chiropractic can provide excellent care if you're experiencing sciatica pain. Please understand that the spine is resilient and spinal discs are capable of healing. Contact our office for a consultation.

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