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This Accessory Could Be An Enemy

Seven handbags are the norm for a woman. What number do you have? Are any of them too big or too heavy?

A woman's purse can often hold the entire kit. You will find makeup, sunscreen, snacks for children, sunglasses and more inside. We tend to stuff bags that are too big, which can lead to a bag that is too bulky and causes us to have more back pain than necessary.

A survey by Prevention Magazine found that 100 women felt multiple effects from an overloaded bag. The majority of women reported pain in their arms, shoulders, necks, and backs. Your favorite accessory could be carrying all your stuff, which can lead to injury.

A handbag that is too heavy can cause damage to your muscles, tendons, and nerves. To carry the bag, you may need to change your posture. This could cause headaches or other body pains in short-term. Long-term damage to the joints and nerves may be more severe.

The good news is that you can prevent this from happening. We don't expect that you will stop carrying a handbag. And we also know that you have a lot to carry around in your bag. You can make a few changes to the way you carry your Mary Poppins handbag.

First, be mindful of the way you carry your handbag. You can then change it up every now and again. You might also consider switching sides when carrying your bag. You should tighten the strap to prevent the bag from swinging around. These small adjustments can help to prevent unnecessary stress from one side of your body due to overuse.

Second, you can change the style. This can help reduce stress and anxiety. You may experience completely different effects from two bags that weigh the same. You should choose a handbag that isn't too heavy on your back. Use your hand to support the bottom of a crossbody or messenger purse and relieve the strain on your shoulder. A backpack, a popular choice among moms, should be secured and evenly distributed.

Lastly, pay attention to your posture. You should always stand straight as curving your spine can lead to further damage.

It's a common saying that beauty is pain. It shouldn't be. It's possible to still enjoy your favorite accessories, but in a safer manner. Your chiropractor can adjust your spine and provide any treatment that you might need if your pain persists.

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