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Accident Symptoms Can Extend Beyond Neck Pain

Slips and falls, auto accidents, sports collisions and more can cause damage to the spinal discs in your back and can extend to other ligaments and tendons. An auto accident involving a whiplash injury can cause neck pain, back pain, confusion and in some cases can perhaps even lead to depression.

There is often more to collisions than whiplash. Herniated discs can be caused by the forces that impact the body. A concussion can be caused by hitting your head. You may have suffered shoulder and/or chest injuries if you were driving and you may also have injured your arms and/or legs.

There is hope if you're suffering from an accident. Many injuries from accidents can be treated without the need for surgery or medication. Our goal is to relieve your pain, restore your mobility and support you through your journey to recovery. At Mecham Chiropractic you'll find the treatment you need for any type of accident. We'll always be honest with you. If you need to be treated beyond what we can do, we'll let you know. First visits are discounted, and auto accident victims receive a free no fee consultation.

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